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Foodservice Consultant

Managing food waste has become increasingly pertinent to the industry. An expert roundtable at INTERNORGA 2017 sought to address the challenges and identify opportunities

03/2017: Phoenix from the ashes
Hildegard Dorn Petersen FCSI checks into the revitalised Reichshof Hamburg hotel and nds a favourite from the past lovingly updated to provide the best of hospitality in the present

08/2016: Waking a sleeping beauty
Gut Kaltenbrunn - FCSI-Beraterin Hildegard Dorn- Petersen beschreibt die Verwandlung eines traditionellen Bayerischen Biergartens am Tegernsee zu einem inspirierendes, neuen Restaurantkonzept Gesamt Event-Location

05/2016: The power of partnership
KDREI Planungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
The success of many design consultancies often depends upon the synergy between its most experienced leaders. World-renowned German firm K3 is proof that the power of the team is more than just the sum of its parts. Jim Banks spoke to two of founding partners about their path to the top.

04/2016: Wind of change
The hospitality industry is experiencing difficulties in attracting young recruits. Hildegard Dorn-Petersen FCSI looks at ways this trend can be reversed.

02/2015: Getting round the table

02/2015: The next generation

04/2014: Going global

04/2014: Top zen: Spas of the future

04/2014: What’s in it?

04/2014: Wash and where?

01/2014: Spa specialist

01/2014: At work in the Black Forest